Food budget Friday, May 12


My food spending went pretty well this week! My budget is $100 and this week I spent $72. Each week is different but I love to see that number go down. Woohoo!!

I wasn’t skimpy on the groceries either. I bought healthy food such as veggies, beans and rice but also a lot of fun foods like chips, chocolate pudding, and seltzer water. I assume if I bought less treat foods that my grocery bill would go down a lot more. But what is life without a few treats?

I went out to eat fast food a few times and I spent around $10. That number is included in my weekly total.

Want to see some of the groceries I bought? Here is my shopping from May 6 and May 11.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!!


Food budget Friday, May 5

oranges.jpgIt’s nice to be doing Food budget Friday updates again!

I currently have a food budget of $100 per week but I would ideally like to get it down to $75-85/week. Hopefully in time I can manage to do that.

I love food and eating so it’s essential for me to keep my food costs under control, if I don’t pay attention these costs can skyrocket because I’ll just buy whatever catches my eye and looks good. Eating out at restaurants can also make my food costs way too high if I don’t manage them.

This week I was under budget a little bit which is nice. I keep meaning to make some simple meal plans, I think they would help make my shopping go smoother because I would be more focused.

Spending for the week:

  • 4/29: $11.01
  • 4/30: $25.44
  • 5/1: $10.38
  • 5/2: $15.39
  • 5/3: $7.05
  • 5/4: $8.38
  • 5/5: $15.15

Total: $92.80 

Food budget Friday, Feb 24: Health is wealth

strawberries.JPGHello lovely friends,

I am still in California visiting my mom. The past few days we’ve had beautiful sunshine and some warmth which has been very nice.

It’s been a bit of a funny week: on Tuesday night I got very ill with food poisoning and am still recovering. I think it was a bit of a perfect storm to be honest; the past week or so I hadn’t taken very good care of myself so I was already a bit run down, then I had a long plane ride out here and then the food poisoning on top of that.

I’m grateful I’m doing as well as I am. I still have muscle aches, headache and a runny nose but overall I’d say I’m 60% back to normal. I’ve been semi-fasting and I think it’s definitely helping my recovery. Yesterday all I had was water and chicken broth. Today I will probably do the same and maybe tomorrow. Pretty much I’ll keep fasting until my stomach/intestines don’t feel so weak, tired and inflamed.

Before I left I did quite a bit of stocking up on canned goods and frozen food so I’d say my food spending this week has been slightly less than usual but not dramatically so. I haven’t kept good records because of being sick and my mom’s helped out with some of the groceries. I’d say I’m about $10 under budget.

Whenever I get really sick like this it is such a strong and important reminder to me just how precious and valuable good health is. Nothing can replace feeling strong and healthy. I’m feeling more motivated than ever to heal my binge eating and take better care of myself now.

I’m praying that this passes in the next few days and I feel back to normal soon 🙂

Food budget Friday, Feb 17

carrots.JPGHi everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely Friday.

I’m just checking in really quick with my weekly food budget update. I’m super tired tonight, it’s been a long but good week.

I went slightly over budget this week by about $4. Honestly, I’m surprised it wasn’t more because I had fast food several times for lunch and also bought a lot of groceries.

I had a pretty tough food week with several binge episodes. I was reflecting on why I binged (mostly for the usual reasons: stress, anxiety, etc) and trying to think of what might help for the future.

What I came up with was starting to try and make some simple meal plans. I strive on organization and structure and it’s nice to have a plan in place for the day. That way the “thinking” part of what to eat has already been done. I’ve been using them the past few days and so far it’s been helping 🙂

Spending for the week:

  • 2/11: $14.79
  • 2/12: $0
  • 2/13: $17.68
  • 2/14: $13.91
  • 2/15: $31.91
  • 2/16: $16.70
  • 2/17: $9.18

Total: $104.17

My current grocery budget is $100/week. I eventually would like to reduce that to $75-85/week.

Food budget Friday, Feb 3


This week my spending was under budget by about $10! I’m happy about this because my goal is to get my total food spending to about $75-85/week.

My eating earlier in the week was up and down and I binged a few times, but the past few days it’s been more steady and consistent. I’m all about the little wins, one meal and one day at a time.

Recently a friend gifted me a slow cooker which I’m excited to start using. I’ve always read and heard such good things about them so I’m looking forward to using it. I was at the market today and found about 3 pounds of chicken on sale, so that will likely be the first thing I try in the slow cooker. Any recipe suggestions are welcome!

I’m also mindfully trying to eat less sugar to see if that helps me binge eat less. I’m still in the honeymoon phase and have been eating this way for about 3 days but I’m feeling pretty ok so far and I haven’t binged! So that’s positive 🙂

I’m trying to “replace” the sugar by eating a little more protein and fat to try and feel more satisfied.

Back to budgeting matters: I’m glad I was $10 under budget this week. It’s thanks entirely to using all-cash instead of my cards so I’m going to keep doing that 🙂

Spending for the week:

  • 1/28: $24.58
  • 1/29: $4.26
  • 1/30: $6.55
  • 1/31: $12.85
  • 2/1: $14.59
  • 2/2: $13.54
  • 2/3: $13.51

Total: $89.88

Food budget Friday, Jan 27

food.JPGThis week my spending was better and I came in under budget! After my move last week I’m starting to feel a little bit more settled which definitely helps.

Many of the boxes are unpacked including a lot of my kitchen stuff so I’m able to cook here pretty well. But there is still a ways to go- a lot of the walls needs painting, and there is a lot of cleaning to do but those projects just take some time and patience.

My food this week was again up and down. Guess what I ate for breakfast on Monday? A bowl of dark chocolate chips, probably about 1/4 pound. Pro tip: not the best idea. I felt sick until about 4pm. But they did taste great while I was eating them.

One of the biggest problems with my binge eating disorder is how deceitful and sneaky it is. I know chocolate for breakfast is stupid…but yet I had chocolate in the house and over night became obsessed with eating it. So eat it .

This eating episode made me more convinced that the house needs to be a “safe place” where I don’t keep binge triggering foods. There are many foods I’m ok with, but certain ones such as: cake, chocolate, candies, potato chips, soda, pizza and a few more I simply can’t keep in the house.

For example, it’s perfectly ok if I want a cupcake but I need to go to a bakery and buy one and enjoy it thoroughly. I can’t buy a 6 pack from the grocery store and try to convince myself that I somehow won’t eat them. I simply will.

Back to budgeting: my food spending was definitely better this week. I was about $20 under budget. My all cash system worked so I’m going to continue doing that 🙂

Spending for the week:

  • 1/21: $11.55
  • 1/22: $17.66
  • 1/23: $7.47
  • 1/24: $5.97
  • 1/25: $7.55
  • 1/26: $12.95
  • 1/27: $16.04

Total: 79.19

My current grocery budget is $100/week. I eventually would like to reduce that to $75-85/week.

Food Budget Friday: I’ve been moving this week edition

Hi there lovely friends,

This week I moved to a new place! Most of us know that moving is….a lot of work. It’s all good though and I’m very grateful because I’m now in a nicer place and it’s a better situation over all. God is good : )

Much of my week has consisted of bringing stuff over from my old place, cleaning my old place (honestly, where does all the dust, dirt, etc come from?!), trying to start getting settled here, getting utilities set up, etc etc. My apologies I know that’s all a bit boring 🙂

My eating this week was very up and down. I had a couple of binges which I wasn’t happy about but I think the stress from moving and feeling unsettled because of having so much to do and being in an unfamiliar place got to me.

That’s a consistent thread I see with my binge eating: feeling unsettled/stressed can often lead to a binge. The thing is though…that’s life and there’s always something it seems because life isn’t a placid lake it’s a river that just keeps on going and moving.

Being able to cope better with the ever-changing nature of life is one of my big goals with healing my eating disorder. I guess you could say it’s learning better stress & anxiety management.

Unfortunately I didn’t keep good records this week and misplaced many of my receipts. I can say for sure though that I went over budget by at least $30. This is for three reasons: 1. I binged several times which is expensive; 2. I needed to buy some food for the new place because I was running low on groceries; 3. I went out to eat a few times (3 times I think), it was just burger and burrito places but the costs of eating out really adds up.

Some fun news: I made my first “real” meal tonight at the new place (that didn’t come from a bag or a box). I made scrambled eggs with onion and mushrooms, boiled broccoli, and some sweet potato. It’s nice to be cooking again it’s much healthier and more frugal.

Hopefully I’ll start to feel more settled in the next few days and can get back on track 🙂