Homemade popcorn recipe

popcorn3I love homemade popcorn, it’s quick and easy to make. It also has a nice slightly, roasted flavor and is very fresh.

If you have an air popper that is definitely the easiest way to make popcorn, but the “old school” method of cooking it in a saucepan is also easy and fun. It’s without a doubt healthier than microwave popcorn (although I love microwave popcorn also…no judgments).

One of my favorite things about homemade popcorn is that it’s an awesome frugal snack! I bought a nearly 2 pound bag of popcorn kernels for $1.75 and it’s lasted for a really long time. I only use a couple of tablespoons of seeds every time I make popcorn, I haven’t done the math but it’s probably around 5-10 cents for a full serving of popcorn. Compared to microwave popcorn: I usually get three bags of popcorn to a box for about $2.50. That means each full serving is about 83 cents. It doesn’t break the bank of course but 10 cents is certainly better!

Popcorn is a great canvas for flavors. I like mine pretty basic with just oil (or butter) and salt, but you can get really creative and add herbs, spices, cheeses (parmesan is a good one), nuts, wasabi, sriracha, hot sauce, chocolate, dried fruit, and more. Here are a few more fun ideas.

  1. How I make my popcorn: First things first, be very careful!! Never open the saucepan lid facing towards you in case a hot kernel flies into your eye! I always wear clear glasses, or even sunglasses.
  2. In a cold saucepan add about a tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil (mmm…olive oil…). Next, add about 2-3 tablespoons of popcorn kernels. Put the lid on.
  3. Turn the heat onto medium and as the oil is heating gently shake the popcorn so that the kernels get coated in oil.
  4. As the kernels begin to pop shake the saucepan gently when needed. You can give the popcorn a little air by lifting the the lid slightly facing away from you.
  5. When the kernels are all popped, pour into a bowl and dress the popcorn how you like!! 🙂 Just be sure to be careful of “late popping kernels” — watch your eyes!

Dinner tonight: Sweet potato and turkey meatballs

I enjoy recording some of my meals on the blog because it’s a good way for me to see what I’ve been eating. I don’t really consider this blog to be a “foodie” blog even though I post food updates. This blog is really meant to be a place where I can chronicle the process of healing from my eating disorder.

I was struggling somewhat late this afternoon with sugar cravings. I think I was just feeling bored and restless. I’m very grateful I didn’t give in to them though. Having some extra protein at dinner helped and I’m feeling better now.

Tonight’s dinner:


  • Sweet potato, turkey meatballs and green beans
  • Served with ketchup and butter (not shown)

Dinner tonight: Sweet potato and veggies

Tonight’s dinner was simple and easy, my favorite kind. I microwaved a sweet potato and some frozen veggies and added a little bit of vegan butter, salt and pepper. I love sweet potatoes they taste great and are a healthy, unprocessed carbohydrate.

There wasn’t any protein in my dinner but that’s ok because I had some teriyaki chicken for lunch.

Today was pretty busy I met up with some college friends for lunch. This was a prime opportunity for my social anxiety eating to pop up, which it definitely tried to. Luckily I didn’t end up bingeing which I was very grateful for.

Tonight’s dinner:


  • Sweet potato with vegan butter
  • Vegetable medley with salt and pepper