Easiest fried rice

rice.jpgThis is a great dish to make when you’re not really in the mood to cook but still want something healthy, filling and tasty.

This is how I was feeling last night…really not in the mood to cook.

When I’m feeling this way I often turn to dishes that I consider to be “semi-homemade.” I’ll use the base of something pre-made such as canned soup, chili or something yummy from the frozen section, and then add veggies and maybe some extra beans or meat to it.

Making food this way is almost always cheaper than getting take out or going to a restaurant and I can keep the ingredients on hand in the pantry or freezer, which is nice and convenient.

For last night’s dinner I heated up a bag of pre-made chicken fried rice in the microwave. Then I fried up 3 eggs for some extra protein (and they were really delicious!). For the veggies I boiled up some green beans and sliced a tomato. It was a fast, easy, delicious and super inexpensive dinner!!



Having a friend over for dinner + grocery shopping

groceriesMy husband and I are having a friend over for dinner tonight so I’m just starting to cook! This is the first friend we’ve had over for dinner at our new place so that’s pretty cool 🙂 The rice is boiling away so it’s giving me a few minutes to write up a quick blog post.

We’re having a pretty simple menu tonight: rice, turkey sausage, black beans, and veggies.  For dessert we’re having strawberries and whipped topping. I like whipped topping because it’s nondairy and low in calories but still love the taste.

Today’s groceries were mostly for the meal tonight but the granola bars were a bonus.

I bought:

  • Black beans
  • Rice
  • Sriracha sauce
  • Granola bars
  • Turkey sausage
  • Whipped topping
  • Frozen veggies

The price was excellent on these groceries. The total today was: $9.03 The per meal cost for each person person is going to be around $3. This is definitely less expensive than eating at a restaurant!

What are you having for dinner?

I hope you have a blessed day!! ❤

Today’s groceries & dinner prep


Today’s grocery shopping! Honestly, grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do, it’s almost like a hobby. Today I picked up a mix of things: a few snacks, some juice and ingredients to make dinner.

I went to my local discount grocer and got a good deal on everything; the total bill was $10.39! Not too bad 🙂


I’m starting to prep dinner now. What we’re having is:

  • Chicken flavored rice and pasta medley
  • Mixed veggies
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Can of tomatoes flavored with basil, garlic and oregano (forgot to photo this!)
  • And some Parmesan cheese, also maybe some hot sauce to go with it

I can’t remember the price of all the ingredients but the dinner will serve 2. I think it’ll be about $1.80/person.

What are you making for dinner tonight?

Hope you all have a lovely rest of the day!

❤ Becca

Grocery shopping with mom

groceries.JPGHi everyone,

I’m in California for the week visiting my mom. As always I’m very happy to see her and spend time together.

On our way home from the airport yesterday we stopped to buy some groceries, which she very nicely treated me to. We went to a discount grocer so we got a pretty good deal on everything.

When I visit we are often very busy so I rely more on microwaveable foods or other foods that are very easy to prepare such as pre-washed salad greens.

In the photo is most everything we bought except for some rice, chocolate mints, garbanzo beans and green tea.

I really like frozen foods and use them a lot at home. Frozen veggies are an inexpensive and easy way to include vegetables in a meal. I also love that they are already cut and washed!

Hopefully these groceries should last me for a couple of lunches and dinners 🙂

Frugal favorites: Frozen collard greens

veggies.jpgI have a new frugal favorite: frozen collard greens!

I know how important leafy greens are for good health, but I gotta be honest: I often forget to eat them. It’s not intentional, it’s simply that bunches of fresh greens such as collard greens and kale are often huge and take time to clean, chop and cook.

These bags of frozen collard greens are fantastic. They are very reasonably priced and make incorporating more greens into your diet very easy. The greens are pre-washed, pre-cut and ready to be mixed into the cooked food of your choice; such as soups (lentil, split pea, minestrone, etc), stews, lasagna, frittatas, pasta sauce and many, many more.

Simply cut open the bag and pour in the greens; that’s it! The greens are delicate and cook quite fast. I recommend not over-cooking them and adding them closer to the end of the cooking process.

Tonight I had gluten-free pasta and meatballs. I added about 1/2 cup of frozen collard greens to the pasta sauce and it turned out great 🙂

These will definitely be making more appearances in my cooking! ❤

Food Budget Friday: I’ve been moving this week edition

Hi there lovely friends,

This week I moved to a new place! Most of us know that moving is….a lot of work. It’s all good though and I’m very grateful because I’m now in a nicer place and it’s a better situation over all. God is good : )

Much of my week has consisted of bringing stuff over from my old place, cleaning my old place (honestly, where does all the dust, dirt, etc come from?!), trying to start getting settled here, getting utilities set up, etc etc. My apologies I know that’s all a bit boring 🙂

My eating this week was very up and down. I had a couple of binges which I wasn’t happy about but I think the stress from moving and feeling unsettled because of having so much to do and being in an unfamiliar place got to me.

That’s a consistent thread I see with my binge eating: feeling unsettled/stressed can often lead to a binge. The thing is though…that’s life and there’s always something it seems because life isn’t a placid lake it’s a river that just keeps on going and moving.

Being able to cope better with the ever-changing nature of life is one of my big goals with healing my eating disorder. I guess you could say it’s learning better stress & anxiety management.

Unfortunately I didn’t keep good records this week and misplaced many of my receipts. I can say for sure though that I went over budget by at least $30. This is for three reasons: 1. I binged several times which is expensive; 2. I needed to buy some food for the new place because I was running low on groceries; 3. I went out to eat a few times (3 times I think), it was just burger and burrito places but the costs of eating out really adds up.

Some fun news: I made my first “real” meal tonight at the new place (that didn’t come from a bag or a box). I made scrambled eggs with onion and mushrooms, boiled broccoli, and some sweet potato. It’s nice to be cooking again it’s much healthier and more frugal.

Hopefully I’ll start to feel more settled in the next few days and can get back on track 🙂


Spicy eggs and corn tortillas: delicious and inexpensive

pepper2This is a last-minute meal that turned out really well! The other night I was busy and ended up needing to make dinner pretty late. I had completely forgotten to cook brown rice or potatoes earlier so I was looking through the fridge to see if I had a “quick” carb that I could use.

I saw a package or tortillas, some eggs and an onion and thought….hmmm…I wonder if there is some potential here. So I looked up recipes ideas online and I found people recommending to cut or tear up some tortillas and fry them first before adding the eggs. I thought this sounds pretty awesome and I have all the ingredients so why don’t I try it out?!

This is a good recipe: it came together quickly and was very tasty. It has all the elements that I really like in a meal: it’s quick, simple, cheap, filling and has a good amount of protein. Dinner for 2 people was about $2 (note: I used inexpensive eggs, they were $1.49/dozen and the tortillas were $2/dozen).

I also like to have a veggie with every main meal. With this dish I served green beans 🙂

This recipe is easy to double or triple if you’re feeding more people. Simply cook it in batches and keep warm.

Spicy eggs and corn tortillas

Serves 2 to 3

9 eggs, whisked together (note: I removed the yolk from 4 eggs to lower the fat level a little bit)

5 corn tortillas,  torn or cut into bite size pieces (but not too small)

2 tablespoons diced yellow onion

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 teaspoons water or milk

Hot sauce, to taste

2 cups cooked vegetables: your choice- green beans, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, etc.

Salt and pepper

Crack eggs in a large bowl, add the water or milk and whisk together. Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Next, tear or cut the tortillas into bite size pieces and set aside.

Heat a large nonstick skillet on medium and add the oil. When oil is warm add the onion and cook until translucent. Next, add the tortillas and stir with a spatula to coat the pieces with vegetable oil.

When the tortilla pieces begin to brown and crisp slightly pour in the egg mixture. Cook how you would scrambled eggs: let the eggs set slightly and then carefully mix the eggs and tortilla pieces together until cooked all the way through.

Serve with a generous splash of hot sauce and the veggies. I also like mine with a little bit of ketchup. Hope you enjoy!