My favorite frugal cleanser: simple and easy


A daily joy of mine is to have a clean and tidy house, it always makes me feel better when things are looking nice. Over the years I’ve bought and used many different types of cleaners: bathroom cleaner, shower cleaner, antibacterial spray, window spray, counter top cleaner, etc.

I’ve ended up buying a whole cabinet full! Despite having so many most of them just sit around gathering dust and going unused. Also, at $.99-5.00 each (or more!) the costs can add up over time. And of course many household cleaners are also full of toxic chemicals….not such a good thing.

Recently over the past few months I’ve simplified my cleaning routine to use just one homemade product. I use it on pretty much everything: counters, sinks, showers, toilets….really whatever needs cleaning. And it works surprisingly well. I’ve been able to get rid of most of my other cleaners.

It even works when I have a burnt-on mess on my stove from say the rice over boiling. I just spray and leave it on for a minute or two, use some elbow grease, and repeat until the mess is all cleaned up.

I’ve had good luck with it so far on windows and mirrors. I just spray a little bit and wipe it down with a paper towel. However if you prefer to use a window-only cleaner on your windows/mirrors that makes perfect sense.

Basically my cleanser consists of just water, a little dish soap and a spray bottle! What’s nice is that the dish soap is multi-purpose because it is used to clean dishes also. This is a minimalists dream! Less products to use and the cleanser only costs a couple of pennies to make 🙂

Please note the cleanser is not anti-bacterial. Here is how I make my cleanser:

Easy and frugal house cleanser

1 spray bottle, that can hold at least 2 cups water

1 cup luke warm water

1 small squirt of dish soap

Pour the water into the spray bottle. Add the dish soap. Very gently swirl the soap into the water and try not to create any bubbles. Do not shake the mixture.