photoHi there! My name is Becca I’m so glad you stopped by ❤

My blog focuses on cooking, food, frugality & living a healthy and happy life.

I started cooking from a young age and it brings me a lot of joy, fun and creativity. I also love reading cooking magazines, cookbooks and food blogs to learn more (and also for the amazing photos!). I am a huge fan of my local library, their collection of cookbooks is incredible and I browse there all the time.

I have multiple food allergies and sensitivities, particularly to foods with gluten and dairy. Because of this I’ve accepted that I must find alternatives and “work arounds” to make delicious foods that I can eat. Luckily, there is an amazing world of ingredients and products available, which I am very grateful for. And they continue to improve all the time!

What’s also nice is that great food doesn’t need to be complicated. I appreciate the whole spectrum of food from a simple peach to a delicious bowl of beans and rice or a more elaborate meal. It’s all good!! And it’s all part of life’s natural rhythm. Sometimes when it’s hot a plate of cold, sliced veggies with hummus is perfect or when it’s cold a hearty, chicken chili really warms my soul.

I am also a big believer in frugality. It just makes everything in life so much easier and simpler: reaching your goals, less stress, more free time, etc. Food spending in particular is an area that can easily make or break my budget. If I’m not careful I can way overspend on food or eating out, so this is a major focus of mine: to eat great healthy food on a budget. I love to eat out at my favorite places or try new ones…as long as it’s in the budget.

Thanks so much for joining me on my journey!!

Love, Becca

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Please note: This is a personal weblog. Everything on this website is for entertainment purposes only. For this blog I use my own illustrations and photographs 🙂