Food budget Friday, Jan 13

appleThis week was kind of all over the place…I’m glad I was able to save my receipts!

My cash system broke down and I ended up going over budget by about $23. I was just reviewing my receipts to see what happened. It seems that it was a mixture of buying too much stuff I didn’t *really* need (for example, a jar of coconut oil) and my old impulse buying/bingeing reared it’s ugly head the past few days sadly.

Differentiating between wants and needs is an on-going learning process. My goal is to make sure I have my needs covered, such as having enough healthy carbs/veggies/protein in the house before buying the fun stuff such as tea, coffee creamer, a new type of hot sauce….stuff like that.

I was reflecting on why I binged a couple times this week. I can boil it down to three main things:

1. For about 2 days I was really in a funk and feeling very bummed out, depressed almost

2. My sugar addiction was rearing it’s ugly head and I wasn’t able to shake it successfully

3. To put it simply: old habits can die hard and some days/weeks are better for me than others. I’ve been carrying this eating disorder around with me for decades and despite my best efforts sometimes I still fall into my old habits (and it feels really, really bad). I accept this and my plan is to pick myself up and carry on. Healing is a journey and I try to remember: progress not perfection!!

That pretty much wraps up this week 🙂

Spending for the week:

  • 1/7: $7.86
  • 1/8: $31.99
  • 1/9: $30.50
  • 1/10: $0
  • 1/11: $5.10
  • 1/12: $25.17
  • 1/13: $22.90

Total: $123.52

My current grocery budget is $100/week. I eventually would like to reduce that to $75-85/week.


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