A small treat: happy and guilt free

chocolate1Since yesterday I’ve really been hankering for some chocolate, so today I bought this delicious chocolate bar. Why am I posting about this? Because I’m happy to say that it was a treat and not a binge!

I ate enough to be satisfied, which was about half a bar and then I was miraculously and joyously able to stop.

I don’t take this for granted at all, in the very near past I would not have been able to do this. I would have eaten the whole bar and then moved onto a box of cookies and then who knows? Half a pizza? A whole pint of ice cream? And my reward for this behavior would be: feeling ill, depressed, bloated and like a complete failure.

With my eating disorder I simply take things day by day and meal by meal. If I had this bar tomorrow maybe I’d binge…but for today I was able to have a treat and not binge. I am very happy about this 🙂

I think treats are awesome and an important part of enjoying life. However because of my binge eating I have had a very, very hard time being able to just have a treat and not have it turn into an eating frenzy.

Today was a small healing victory 🙂


Slightly less than half the bar is left. I’m saving it for my little household to finish. 


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