Food budget Friday, Dec 30

photo12.jpgWoohoo!! This week I’m under budget by almost $6! This is so much better than last week when I was over budget by quite a lot.

I attribute it all to starting to use an envelope system where I’m using cash only to pay for my groceries. I’ve had a tough time staying under budget the last few few months and I think it’s because I’ve had a harder time managing my spending when I use my debit card. I just seem to buy more things I don’t really need. The nice thing about using cash is that when it’s gone it’s gone.

Overall my bingeing was better this week also. I only binged one time…but I did have one slippery day (where I ate half a carton of whipped cream) but it wasn’t a full on binge. Having limits on my spending I think must be helping a little bit because the binge foods are super expensive and the costs add up quickly.

So I’d say this week was a success! I’ll continue using the envelope system for awhile and see how it goes 🙂

Spending for the week:

  • 12/24: $28.27
  • 12/25: $0
  • 12/26: $8.47
  • 12/27: $12.93
  • 12/28: $14.75
  • 12/29: $17.48
  • 12/30: $11.35

Total: $94.05

My current grocery budget is $100/week. I eventually would like to reduce that to $75-85/week.


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