Food budget Friday, Dec 9: Visiting with friends edition

photo4.JPGI’m so grateful to have nice friends it is a huge blessing. I really value the people in my life and am so happy when I get to spend time with them : )

I was a bit more social than usual this week and ended up eating out at restaurants three times. Which is three times more than I normally do (or at least prefer to do)!

Generally I try and meet up with friends for coffee or a walk and then eat at home. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I ended up being over budget this week by about $23. The eating out was part of it, but I have to confess another part of it was buying binge food. I had a tough week with overeating and ended up bingeing a couple of times. When I binge I buy expensive, pre-made convenience foods such as cookies, chips, pizza and ice cream to soothe myself. Which of course only works in the moment.

The binge foods eventually always make me feel worse: ashamed, sick, like a failure, and a bit poorer from spending money that I shouldn’t have spent.

I was reflecting on why I binged this week and I think it was mostly triggered by fear and anxiety. Most things in my life are basically fine, but nevertheless fear and anxiety have been a lifelong struggle for me. When I get overwhelmed my outlet is often, unfortunately, food. This week showed me that working to heal those two issues will hopefully get me further along with healing my binge eating.

My current grocery budget is $100/week. I eventually would like to reduce that to $75-85/week.

Spending for the week:

  • 12/3: $14.10
  • 12/4: $5.12
  • 12/5: $15.44
  • 12/6: $15.94
  • 12/7: $52.11
  • 12/8: 21.01
  • 12/9: $0

Total: $124.22


7 thoughts on “Food budget Friday, Dec 9: Visiting with friends edition

  1. It’s the holidays. Anxiety, for good or not so good reasons, runs high. We meet up with friends and splurge.Might be a bit of an uneven ride: fall off the wagon one meal, get back on for the next, fall off again for a day, and so on. Take a victory lap each time you get back on the wagon. Yaayyyy!!! 😉 xoM

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  2. Totally normal! I feel like each week has different priorities – in this case, your social life took the reigns. Next week you can focus on cooking and eating healthy, and then who knows what the following week’s priorities will be. I’m with ya.

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  3. Hhmm… I’m a bit of a cheapskate. Sometimes when my friends would say “let’s eat out” I’d reply that the £10 I’d spend at the resto, I could use instead to cook us all (4 people or more) a great meal. It’s embarrassing, I know, but I’m glad my friends had been understanding so far. We then enjoy cooking together (they help me out in the kitchen), sharing a great meal, and then we go for a walk to digest 🙂 (I also binge eat sometimes–to reward myself for some accomplishments, or when there are celebrations, and even when I’m stressed. Don’t be too hard on yourself–we all do it, and are prone to it.)

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