Food budget Friday, Dec 2

photo2.jpgWow! Is it December already?? Amazing how time flies!

I’m finally back from visiting my mom in California. I was so happy to spend time with her and enjoy the beautiful nature.

I was over budget this week by about $22, but it’s really no surprise. I’m not too upset about it. Between needing to buy food at my mom’s house, eating out a few times while traveling (at inexpensive places…but it still adds up) and needing to restock when I got home, I’m amazed I’m not over budget by more!

I’ve been traveling a lot recently the last two months, but to be honest I really prefer stability and staying at home. I like being able to stick to my routine ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping I’ll be home for at least a month, but then I may be on the road again.

My current grocery budget is $100/week. I eventually would like to reduce that to $75-85/week.

Spending for the week:

  • 11/26: $3.55
  • 11/27: $1.25
  • 11/28: $0
  • 11/29: $30.27
  • 11/30: $9.79
  • 12/1: $49.39
  • 12/2: $28.04

Total: $122.29


6 thoughts on “Food budget Friday, Dec 2

  1. Welcome back. Rose, I’m the grocery shopper in my household and I believe I do pretty well for a guy. I’ve increased eggs, beans, rice, pasta, canned tuna (yuk) and canned salmon. Any cut of beef is beyond my budget and I only buy chicken when it’s on sale. I pulled one of Grandma’s old recipes for potato soup. With a hard boiled egg sliced on top in addition to the milk in the soup, I believe it to be a decent protein source. Any thoughts?

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