Making decisions that help you get where you want to go

pic8.jpgI think about decision making all the time because it’s very, very important for going in the right direction and living the kind of life I want.

All the decisions I make, large and small play a key role in determining if I have a good day or a bad one. This same idea on a larger scale can then turn into having a good week, good month, good year and finally a good life…or a not so good week, month, etc.

In order to go in the right direction the two main questions to ask are: where do I want to go and am I taking the right steps to get there?

This is very personal and doesn’t necessarily need to be grand. It can be as simple as wanting to exercise more and deciding to take a 30 minute walk 3-5 times a week.

Even though this might be a relatively simple addition to your weekly routine it still requires focus and time management to accomplish. The potential benefits of course are great: better health and stress reduction!

Essentially, if you want to get in better shape you need to make the right decisions to get there. You can’t get fit sitting on the couch watching tv and eating potato chips and dream about getting in shape.

A bigger goal might be to get your college degree. That is a long term goal that takes a lot of focus and planning. You need to decide what degree to go for, which classes to take, deciding if you want to be a part time student or full time, among many other important decisions. Also, this goal can take many years to complete but it has great potential benefits such as a new career or career advancement, gained knowledge, and making new friends.

Just like with wanting to get fit, if you are seeking to earn a degree you have to make the right decisions and steps to get there.

These are just two examples, but there are so many others: such as wanting to travel, learning to play an instrument, buying a house, and more.

What about me? These days many of the decisions I think about and try and make are around working towards healing my eating disorder. They are not complicated decisions but they have far reaching effects on the happiness of my day and my life in general. Healing my eating disorder goes beyond food, it’s a whole approach to life.

A few questions I ask myself:

  • Have I planned my day and my meals?
  • Am I going to exercise today?
  • Am I going to make healthier food choices today?
  • If I am feeling stressed or anxious do I binge or instead try and do something healthier?
  • When choosing between an apple or a cupcake what do I do?

In my situation the more good decisions I make the closer it leads me to healing my eating disorder, which is one of the major goals of my life. That being said the past week has been a struggle due to travel and stress. My plan however is to continue to make better choices and hopefully over time they will become habits and then eventually I will heal my eating disorder.

Progress not perfection!


7 thoughts on “Making decisions that help you get where you want to go

  1. I enjoyed this blog post, it’s very well written.
    I think you have to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, and how it would feel once you have achieved it.

    Check out my free ebook on my website. It gives tips and strategies on how to achieve your goals. (Its under 20 pages long).

    Dave 🙂

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