Food budget Friday, Nov 25

img_0161Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving! I am still in California with my mom for a few days.

We’ve had a good but busy week. I’ve been helping her clean up around the house, run lots of errands, and just spend time together. We’ve also taken several hikes which has been great as I really love spending time in nature. I’m very grateful for my mom, nice friends and my lovely blogging community!

I have something else to be grateful for: I haven’t binged for 5 days! Even with the Thanksgiving holiday. It feels really good to say that. Not bingeing makes a noticeable difference in how I feel and I’m definitely feeling a bit better in general. However that being said, I haven’t been “perfect” with my food and have had several tough moments and indulged a bit, but I can say honestly that I haven’t binged so that’s pretty cool 🙂

As always I’m just trying to take things one meal and one day at a time. With my eating disorder that’s the best I can do.

My spending this week was not too bad and I came in under budget by about $20. My current budget is $100/week.

Spending for the week:

  • 11/19: $21.51
  • 11/20: $23.09
  • 11/21: $9.24
  • 11/22: $4.14
  • 11/23: $6.39
  • 11/24: $12.35
  • 11/25: $3.88

Total: $80.60


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