What I ate, Nov 14

It’s fun to take all these photos and see what I did during the day 🙂

One thing I want to chat about today is that despite my eating disorder, I don’t think there are any “bad” foods. Foods such as chocolate, pizza, chips, cookies etc. are just simply foods, nothing more, not bad or good.

A bag of potato chips or a pint of ice cream doesn’t chase me down and jump in my grocery cart, it just sits there patiently on the shelf 🙂 In fact, I have to seek it out and buy it! 

That being said because of my eating disorder I don’t, as of yet, handle these sorts of food very well and often overeat them. It’s my problem and really has nothing to do with the food. However I too often still use these types of food for the wrong reasons. I use treat foods to help ease my fear, anxiety, stress and pain (which doesn’t work anyways!) and this goes against the intended purpose of food which is for maintaining good health.

A normal eater can probably eat one cookie or a slice or two of pizza and not think twice about it. However I’m not yet a normal eater.

My eating today was up and down. I didn’t have a full-on binge but it was teetering in that direction. It was a slippery day I admit, and for no particular reason except that old habits are simply hard to break.

My eventual goal is to be a normal, healthy eater who doesn’t rely on food to help ease my emotions but simply to have a healthy attitude around food, with a few treats every now and then 🙂

What I ate today:

  • Breakfast: Chicken broth (I’m not much of a breakfast person)
  • Lunch: Chicken chili with salad
  • Dinner: Rice and beans with green beans, and nachos (shared the nachos)
  • Not shown: Large chocolate chip cookie, large sugar cookie, serving of cashews, lemonade, lemon iced tea (sweetened)

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