Food budget Friday, Oct 28

fruit3Thankfully this week I managed to get in under budget…but not by all that much. Last week  I was way under budget which felt fantastic! However I know every week won’t be like that.

This week I ate out once for dinner and I made some impulse junk food buys. So not ideal but I did reach my main goal which was to stay under budget, which I’m proud of. My current food budget is $100/week but over time as I’m able to heal my bingeing and buy less expensive processed junk food I’d like to average my grocery bills to between $75-85/week.

Spending for the week:

  • 10/22: $12.12
  • 10/23: $13.25
  • 10/24: $16.51
  • 10/25: $12.74
  • 10/26: $3.99
  • 10/27: $25.35
  • $10/28: $10.85

Total: $94.81


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