Staying positive & moving forward

cloudsI believe that staying positive and optimistic is a really important part of healing. Of course some days are harder and some days are easier but it’s essential to keep moving forward.

For example, today was a tougher day for me. For no reason in particular really, I was just kind of out of sorts, and I ended up mindlessly eating too much and reading too much internet and news (which always bums me out). But you know what? That’s ok I’m not perfect and sometimes (well, a lot of the time) I mess up. But the important thing is that I forgive myself and keep moving ahead. Expecting perfection isn’t realistic and is simply something I can’t require of myself.

This might sound funny but hear me out. I’ve been thinking that success can initially sometimes be kinda tough. My eating disorder is an easy example: I’ve had it for so long that in some ways I’m used to being sick. I’m used to bingeing and feeling bad about myself, being bloated, overweight and generally unwell.

Recently I’ve been bingeing less, which is awesome and I’ve been feeling better. However I’m not used to feeling well so it’s honestly a sizable adjustment for me. And there is an unwell side of me that’s used to feeling sick because it’s more comfortable. This is a big thing that I need to push through. I believe I will, but when I slip or fail I have to give myself a lot of grace and forgiveness, dust myself off and carry on.

I’m keeping my eyes on the goal of serenity, peace, and health.

Progress not perfection!


12 thoughts on “Staying positive & moving forward

  1. We all have something we do that we are not proud of but congratulate yourself on being aware of it. There’s plenty of people out there, drinking, spending or whatever who are in denial because it’s easier. You are the strong one 🙂

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