Food Budget Friday, Oct 21

fruit3This week I was under budget by almost $25!! Woohoo!! I’m really happy about this.

I think the main reason I spent less is because I did less impulse buying this week. I can see that really makes a difference. Those $2.50 chocolate bars, $1.50 sodas, etc can really add up quickly. The amounts seem so little at first, but then all of a sudden I’ve spent, say $8 or $10 on junk food in just one day.

Another reason I’m happy is that having a lower food bill is good news for my eating disorder. Why is that? Because it means I wasn’t bingeing as much this week. When I binge I always impulse buy and mostly everything I eat is processed, which makes my food bills are higher.

When I buy healthy foods such as brown rice, beans, veggies etc. not only are they cheaper but they go much further, and I don’t binge on them. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever binged on apples, beans or broccoli. It’s a win-win all around: I feel healthier, my behavior around food is better, and I spend less. Sounds pretty great to me.

Of course I still think treats are important. I love cookies, cake, pizza, ice cream and all other delicious foods. However part of what I’m trying to learn is to have a treat really be a treat, not just to ease my anxiety or as part of a binge. I’m still trying to figure out what will work for me, and it’s admittedly tricky because of my eating disorder but hopefully I’ll figure it out.

Spending for the week:

  • 10/15: $9.90
  • 10/16: $13.10
  • 10/17: $12.51
  • 10/18: $9.00
  • 10/19: $8.25
  • 10/20: $11.94
  • 10/21: 12.22

Total: $76.92


9 thoughts on “Food Budget Friday, Oct 21

  1. I’m not sure if you buy groceries every day or not. Did you know that you can save lots of money by buying groceries only once a week?
    Another valuable thing to know is that you must never buy groceries when you are hungry. And I want to add, don’t buy groceries when you are tired. Do it when you are fresh and feels good. Then you will be strong and don’t need so much extra treats.
    Good luck!

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