Food Budget Friday, Oct 14

fruit3.jpgReviewing receipts is always an interesting way to see what I did during the week. What I also like about adding up receipts is that everything is crystal clear: what I bought, how much I spent, and what I’ve been eating.

This week I went over budget again by about $15. While it’s not a huge number I still missed my goal of $100. When I look back at my receipts I see that many of my purchases were impulse buys related to my binge eating. I’m looking at you frosted sugar cookies!!

I do hope that over time as my eating disorder hopefully heals my food bills will begin to reflect that and I’ll start to spend less money, and at least stay within my budget. My long-term goal is to spend about $75-80/week on food.

Here is my spending for the week:

  • 10/8: $32.43
  • 10/9: $14.15
  • 10/10: $10.76
  • 10/11: $15.94
  • 10/12: $22.59
  • 10/13: $11.32
  • 10/14: $7.45

Total: $114.64


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