The Ups and Downs of Healing

photo22You know what I’ve noticed? Old habits and unhealthy ways of coping with life, stress, etc can be amazingly difficult to let go of.

I saw this in action yesterday: for really no reason in particular I had a binge. I had some minor stress, mainly from social anxiety, but nothing major that should trigger an eating episode. For myself I characterize a binge as not following my health program which can then unfortuntely lead to a free-for-all with what I eat. It wasn’t my worst one but it was definitely a binge. Afterwards I felt all my usual emotions: failure, frustration, sick (due to eating too much), etc

But you know what I also felt? Humility, big time. I’ve had a series of pretty good days and then a pretty bad back slide yesterday. Having a binge humbles me that I haven’t “gotten” it and that I’m dealing with a serious health problem that I can’t take lightly.

This binge shows me that I really must follow all the steps daily that I need to be healthy: get enough sleep, eat right, actively work on reducing my stress, and most importantly take care of myself spiritually and emotionally.

Healing for me is really a day by day, and meal by meal process that I need to honor and respect.


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