No soda challenge day 1

sodaToday is my no soda challenge day 1! And I was able to drink no soda today, including no seltzer water hurrah!!

Seltzer water is my go-to drink when I’m trying to avoid soda but it’s a slippery slope and always leads back to soda. So I’m aiming to have three bubble-free days. Day one accomplished woohoo!

This was definitely a challenging day all around due to life/work stress. On any other day I would have had, oh maybe a 2 liter bottle of anything fizzy and sweet…but amazingly not today. That’s pretty awesome : )

What did I drink today instead? I had plain water mostly but I’ve also been reading about green drinks and they seem pretty neat so I decided to make one for breakfast. The one I made is basically just frozen fruit, coconut water, greens (from Trader Joe’s) and water mixed in a blender. It was pretty easy to make and healthy also, which I love. I have a mini blender which works great, it’s nothing fancy it was only about $16.



Blueberry Green Drink

Serves 1

1 cup mixed greens

4-8 ounces coconut water

1/3-1/2 banana

1/3 cup blueberries

Water, as needed

In the blender add the coconut water (if using only 4 ounces, add 4 ounces water also). Add the greens and blend until moderately blended. Add the fruit and blend until you have the desired consistency.

Note: Blender drinks are not an exact science, they are more fun and creative. If you like a sweeter drink add more fruit, or if you prefer them not so sweet don’t add much fruit at all and more greens.


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