Food Budget Friday #4

photo4I’m home from my vacation and it seems like things are getting back on track!

I was still over budget this week but not by very much luckily. I seem to spend more freely on vacations than I do at home even though I don’t intend to. My guess is because it’s harder to make food when I’m away so I end up relying more on prepared foods, even if they’re healthy, which can be more expensive. Also I don’t have close access to an inexpensive grocery store near my family’s house so that’s definitely part of it.

I had a great time when I was gone but it’s nice to be home and back in my element. Traveling isn’t the easiest thing with my eating disorder because it requires a lot of planning ahead and self discipline. Airports are just full of chocolate, donuts, muffins, pizza, French fries, etc that are tough for me to be around for too long.

Here is my spending for the week:

  • 10/1: $13.07
  • 10/2: $2.49
  • 10/3: $10.54
  • 10/4: $15.27
  • 10/5: $12.60
  • 10/6: $49.27 (I had a big shopping trip when I got home)
  • 10/7: $2

Total: $105.24

My goal is to spend $100/week but eventually to reduce that to $75-80/week as I progress with my healing and purchase less expensive packaged foods (ie. binge food such as chips, chocolate, soda, & cookies)


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