Food Budget Friday #3: A spendy week

photo4Well I gotta say…money’s been flying out of my pocket this week! So what happened here?

Well the first thing was I needed to stock up on some food staples at home so that made the normal grocery bills higher than usual. But mostly it’s because I’ve been on vacation. Vacations tend to make my budget go a bit funky and I often spend more than I’d like (like at the airport when I needed to buy lunch).

Most of the costs though are because I’ve been having to stock up on my own food here at my family’s house where I’m staying. For example I have butter at home, but I have to buy it for myself again here.

It’s been a really great week though and I’ve been having an awesome time hiking, enjoying a lot of beautiful nature and hanging out with my family. Money is trivial compared to how important family is, however I still like to stay in my budget and if I go out of my budget I like to track it and figure out what happened.

Here is my spending for the week:

  • 9/24: $16.71
  • 9/25: $51.43
  • 9/26: $18.77
  • 9/27: $24.58
  • 9/28: $38.47
  • 9/29: $3.00
  • 9/30: $18.55

Total: $171.51

…so about $71 too high…oh well there’s always next week : )


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