Embracing quiet for healing

night2I love, love, love peace and quiet. Being able to rest and take a break from the noise and sounds of the world is one of my greatest joys! I love these times when I can simply be.

However as much as I love quiet there is one time of day that I have really struggled with: night time. Particularly the middle of the night. Since I am prone to anxiety this is the time when I am most likely to wake up with all kinds of anxious thoughts and fears. This anxiety can then make it hard to go back to sleep and this sets me up the next day to be tired which can unfortunately lead to a binge.

Since now being on my healing journey I want to embrace and try to enjoy the middle of the night. One thing I have noticed is that this time (outside of my fears) is often immensely peaceful. There is hardly any noise- no traffic, loud music, leaf blowers, or lawn mowers. If I wake up it’s a perfect time to relax and enjoy the quiet or read a book if need be to go back to sleep.

This is a new healing practice that I wish to develop because having good quality sleep is so very important for feeling healthy and good the next day. And having one good day can become two good days and then a good week and a good month!!

My strategy to go to bed earlier and sleep through the night:

  • Turn off the tv (or computer or other electronic gadget) by 9:45pm
  • Rest and read a book- a real paper book 🙂
  • If I wake up in the middle of the night I’m trying very hard not to watch tv and instead read until I fall back to sleep

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