Food Budget Friday #2

photo4Yippee!!! I’m completely amazed but I’m under budget this week by $6.55! I was not expecting that at all. I reviewed my food receipts for the week (there were 14) so I was prepared that I had gone way over budget. I’m very feeling grateful that I haven’t.

If I had been more careful it could have been even lower (which would have been awesome) but this week I was wrestling with binge eating spending. This is very tough on the budget because all the extra purchases are 1) unplanned 2) impulsive 3) unhealthy. Of course bingeing is also terrible for my health…but that’s why I’m keeping this blog to work towards healing my binge eating 🙂

My weekly budget is $400 to feed two people. I feel like that is quite generous and I’m hoping to lower it as I gradually get my binge eating healed and better managed. My eventual goal is to get to $375 for the month and then down to $300-350 ideally.

Here is my spending for the week:

  • 9/17: $14.54
  • 9/18: $26.37
  • 9/19: $12.75
  • 9/20: $17.06
  • 9/21: $8.13
  • 9/22: $14.60
  • 9/23: $0

Total: $93.45


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