Meal planning and daily goals

Today I’m starting to make a basic meal plan! I wrote out a meal plan for the next three days for lunch and dinner. Breakfast I’m not including because it’s usually something very simple, such as cereal and almond milk, broth, or toast.

Of course a meal plan is flexible and can be changed anytime, but it’s nice to have something organized and written on paper 🙂 My first meal plan is for three days which I think is a good time frame. Hopefully having a meal plan will also help me to effectively use all the food in the fridge so I can shop a little less for the next couple days. Part of my frugality goal is to use up everything I have. Adding extras to a meal is perfectly fine, such as fruit or corn chips.

Here’s my meal plan:

  • 9/18: Lunch- Turkey sandwiches and salad

          Dinner- Pasta sauce and veggies with brown rice

  • 9/19: Lunch- Turkey sandwiches and salad

          Dinner- Lentil soup

  • 9/20: Lunch- Sandwiches and salad

          Dinner- Chicken vegetable soup or lentil soup

I’m seeing friends for a few hours again today so I’m really hoping that doesn’t trigger my social anxiety.

My goals for the day:

  • Read the bible and go to church, it’s very important for me to connect with God as He is the great healer
  • Eat healthfully and sensibly, but not “perfectly”
  • Turn off the tv by 9:45 pm



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