Dinner: Veggies with pasta sauce and rice

Thank goodness for easy to use foods like frozen vegetables and jarred pasta sauce! They made tonight’s dinner tasty and quick. I was really hungry tonight because I didn’t have quite enough calories today. I’m feeling better now 🙂

Today ended up being much busier than I expected. Normally this would have stressed me out a lot and often ended in a binge. However, luckily today I didn’t binge. I was even able to eat just *just one* cookie. Amazing! However tomorrow is a new day and I have to stay vigilant with my eating disorder, each meal and snack, every day of my life.

Dinner tonight:


  • Pasta sauce and mixed vegetables in a butter sauce with feta cheese on top
  • Brown rice with vegan butter
  • Not shown: 8 corn chips

My snacks today were a banana, 3 small slices of watermelon, 1 serving of cashew nuts


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