Food Budget Friday!

This is a new addition to the blog: Food Budget Friday!

Every week I plan on adding up my food costs for the week. This is to help keep me accountable for my food spending. I plan on including groceries, eating out and impulse food buys into the final number.

Food spending is one of the toughest things for me, I am a big impulse spender. Especially when I binge I can *easily* spend $6 here, $12 there. At the time it doesn’t seem like a lot but it really, really adds up and is not good for my budget.

I am also a big believer in frugality, it really works for me and my life. Hopefully keeping track of my food spending will help me stay frugal in all areas of my life.

Since this blog is only a few days old I only have info for a couple of days. Next week the data will be more complete 🙂

Monthly food spending goal: $400 – for two people

Spending for the last three days:

  • Sept 14: $18.28
  • Sept 15: $12.82
  • Sept 16: $12.80

Total: $43.90

Weekly spending goal: Around $87.50 so I’m pretty much on track


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