Checking in

Each day I need to decide am I going to take care of myself, body-mind-spirit or am I not. Am I going to binge or am I not. Every single day I need to ask that- multiple times a day in fact. With my eating disorder this is something I must take very seriously.

Today I was having a pretty big anxiety flare up around some housing issues. This is stressful under the best of circumstances, but since I am very prone to stress and anxiety it can be extra hard.

So today I am going to calm myself down and not binge. I am going to take care of myself. I am going to eat right and try and exercise. And if for some reason I fail I need to be kind to myself and move on. But today I decide to take care of myself.

As always I must watch my perfectionist tendencies. Breakfast was fine, just a bowl of low sugar cereal. Starting off the day fairly healthfully is a good first step to setting up a successful day. I plan on having a “good enough” lunch and snack. I’m meeting a friend this afternoon for tea, which is nice. Luckily it’s not a meal. Meals tend to be much harder for me if I’m eating with friends. I can easily get social anxiety which can cause me eat to too much along with eat foods that I have hard time passing up such as desserts.

I plan on today being a good enough day where I take care of myself 🙂


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