I’ve noticed that the less I spend on food the healthier I tend to be. This is something I want to remember.

When I eat and purchase foods that are unprocessed such as brown rice, vegetables, beans, chicken and eggs this has multiple benefits. First is that they genuinely fill me up and I feel healthy physically and emotionally because I know I am doing the right thing for my health. Second, they are much more budget friendly and I often can make many meals from raw ingredients. For me a half pound of rice lasts a lot longer than a half pound of cookies that’s for sure.

However, as always I need to be careful not to get into a “perfectionist” mindset around food. This is without a doubt one of my biggest challenges. What I mean is if I have for example a slice of bread instead of a bowl of brown rice, it’s completely ok and I need to be gentle with myself.

When shopping for groceries I almost always have a list and at least some meals in mind to make with them. In fact, now that I think about it, doing more meal planning would be a good thing to work on in the future! I hardly ever impulse buy say broccoli, rice, potatoes or apples.

Processed food on the other hand, such as potato chips or a chocolate bar are almost nearly always impulse buys. This is one of the key signs that a food is not right for me. I am buying it emotionally, often to ease anxiety and/or boredom. Not only are these foods harmful for my health, but I am not buying them from a sensible, organized and planned list.

Impulse buying junk food is one of my worst habits. If I was able to cut down or stop doing that not only would my food costs decrease, probably quite a lot, but I’m sure I would be healthier also. This is something to focus on.


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