No one ever said being honest with oneself was very easy! But this blog is all about keeping things honest so here we go.

Today was a mixed bag it really was: ate too much junk food and spent too much on junk food.

My main overeating triggers are: reading too much internet (particularly social media, the news, and celebrity websites), anxiety & stress, too much tv, going to bed too late and not getting enough sleep. Today  I overate and it was partly from a stressful conversation but mostly from simply reading way too much internet and social media. It really just overloads me emotionally. I think my ideal self would read basically no internet except for maybe once a week when I check my favorite blogs. How peaceful that would be 🙂

So to recap so I don’t go on and on-

The good:

  • Weighed myself for the first time in a long time, maybe a year. I’m 150 pounds. I was actually somewhat happily surprised I expected to be 160-165 so that was nice. I have to be really careful with how I manage the scale however. This will be a work in progress but I probably shouldn’t weigh myself more than 1 time per week.
  • Decided to start this blog! Getting my official number on the scale was a good motivation. I really want to consistently, take much much better care of myself. In all honesty I would LOVE to never ever use a scale ever again…but it does unfortunately tell the real truth about my weight. I wish this was different but if I want to lose weight healthfully I will have to use the scale. There is simply no other way to measure 😦
  • Although I feel like I did have a semi-binge it was not an all out binge. I ate an entire 7 ounce bag of potato chips, a high calorie sports bar, and way too many nuts…but it could have been a lot worse.
  • Biked for about an hour and took a 20 minute walk

The bad:

  • Read way too much internet, especially social media.
  • Could have had better self control. Would really like to avoid processed carbs (such as potato chips and flour) because they seem to definitely trigger my binges.
  • Spent about $7 entirely on binge food. Not great but could have been worse.

Progress not perfection!


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